Vouchers and gift cards

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Digital Voucher

No shipping costs

Digital voucher will be send as pdf-file per mail. To print out at home or to forward bei mail.

Gift card

Post-shipping within Germany

Voucher cards will be send by post as registered letter.

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All about our gift vouchers

Vouchers can be redeemed in our online shop as well as in the local store and also be combined.

This means, you can redeem several vouchers at the same time.

Yes, vouchers are not personalised and are therefore a great gift.

No, vouchers can be purchased in any amount.

Vouchers are valid 24 months after purchase.

The voucher can also be redeemed for smaller amounts than the voucher value.

The remaining voucher value remains valid until the expire date.

So you can redeem the voucher in several partial amounts .

After your purchase, you will receive a DIN A4 PDF by email to print out the voucher or send it to a friend.

Please be patient, voucher are not send automatically, but usually on the same working day.

Vouchers cannot be purchased at a discount.

Vouchers cannot be redeemed to purchase other vouchers.

Vouchers cannot be redeemed for money.

Vouchers are excluded from the right of cancellation.

Then cetainly you have voucher as well as other products in your shopping cart.

Vouchers can only be purchased separately because digital vouchers will be sent as PDFs by e-mail and voucher cards by registered letter within Germany.

Therefore, please remove all other products from the shopping cart and buy additional items separately.

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