Leatherpants & Leatherchaps

For our pants, chaps and jackets, we only use selected high-quality leather skins. Even when choosing the raw skins, we pay attention to the fact that the cattle were exposed to only a few loads such as insect bites, injuries, etc. These would adversely affect the scarring of tanned skin. When tanning the skin, it is important that this is done in Europe with approved chemicals. Cheap products are usually treated with toxic chemicals, which can be absorbed through the skin. Since we do not wash our leather clothes and wear them on naked skin (and this is exactly what is also cool), this is an important criterion for our health. Our leather does not leave much color on the skin, even when it is very perspiring, because our leather tanneries only process selected dyes and thoroughly wash out excess colorants.
Our chaps-leather has a thickness of 1,1 - 1,2 mm. Since this starch is already referred to as upholstery in industry, the special feature of our leather is that it is extremely soft despite its thickness. It therefore has a high elasticity and does not leak during the first wearing.
Our leather has a very fine-pitched surface and gets a hot shine. Inferior leather skins usually have an artificial luster because they are coated with a color or varnish layer. However, this has the disadvantage that the pores are closed and can no longer breathe. We use an open-lined leather with a sateen and squeaky handle. That is why our leather gives a hot, animal smell. In addition, open-pored leather can absorb better care products than so-called "covered leather". Our leather stays longer smooth and supple. Whoever offers covered leather can process inferior skins, because all the cracks and bumps of the skin have been painted over. We only use completely dyed leather of the best quality.
When processing the individual skins we make sure that only the best pieces of a skin are cut out (preferably from the back) for a chaps (naturally without knee joints). Because our open-pale leather would show all possible flaws in the scar image, we must place our cuts on the leather so that the quirks are outside the cut pattern. This may mean high waste that low-cost producers do not have. They often process inferior leather in which the defects are covered with paint. The bad quality will only be concealed and leads to a short lifetime.
A chaps by R&Co Berlin is tailor-made for a perfect cut and really makes everyone look cool. The waist is especially low and the front is cut even lower. This makes the chaps in the entire hip area look very compact. The buttock cuts tightly around the ass and releases only the most necessary. They close behind the ass directly below the ass, actually the ass is being pushed up a little. So the ass looks beautifully crisp. The front has also a perfect cut. So you are packed in hot leather while having the necessary freedom of movement. No need to undress for any action. We offer our chaps in the sizes 48 to 66, the size being the same as the thigh measurement. For example, a thigh circumference of 56 cm, requires a chaps of size 56. The thigh is the measure. The waistband can be adjusted at the rear by means of a lacing and also with a buckle at the front. A buckle in front gives more flexibility while adjusting than pushbuttons. Depending on whether you want to wear the chaps on naked skin or over a denim, you will need to adjust the waist.
Our chaps have a very long length and are shortened by us on the correct leg length. With this variety of sizes, we can serve almost 95 % of all chap customers with a standard size. However, if you want a change of the cut, we will help to find the right measures. We are happy to produce a chaps, which correspond to the individual dimensions of the customer. This can be the case when well-trained bodybuilders have strong thighs, but a very low waist range. Then we make a new chaps and combine the larger size leg with the cuff of the lower one.
We give a six-month warranty on material and workmanship in accordance with the instructions of our employees.