R&Co Premium Leather Jeans Hipster Style Slim Leg

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Every pant from R&Co is tailored in the classic jeans style. The waistband of the Hipster Style is approx. 4 cm lower than the waistband of Normal Style.

About 80% of our customers prefer the Hipster version. Almost all customers with small sizes goes for a Hipster. From size 35 it is possible that a Normal Style fits you better. That is why we also offer the Normal Style in larger sizes. The proportion of sold Normal Style Pants increases with size.

If you're not sure, try a hipster first.

In principle both have the same pattern, but the Comfort Hipster has a wider waistband. Actualy one size bigger.

Our experience over the last few years has shown that our customers fit perfectly into a Hipster. However the waistband was sometimes too tight. Customers who only need a wider waistband couldn't go for a larger Hipster, because the thighs and hips became too wide. For this reason we developed the Comfort Hipster. If you choose one size larger but as a Comfort Hipster, only the waistband is wider. The rest still corresponds to the smaller Hipsters.

If you compare a 32 Hipster with a 33 Comfort Hipster, both are the same at the leg and hip. Only the cuff of the Comfort Hipster is one number further.

If you are not sure, try a Comfort Hipster first.

In principle every pair of trousers is available with a Normal Leg or a Slim Leg. Almost all customers prefer the Slim Leg. However if your thigh is trained, then it is possible that you will need a Normal Leg.

Basicly our customers perceive the tight, compact feeling of thick leather, directly on the skin, as cool and animalistic, and not as a constriction. If you are the type who likes it tight, then you certainly prefer a smaller size. But if you like it more comfortable, then choose a wider pair of pants.

You decide by yourselfe which is the right size for you according to your personal taste. It is not uncommon for a customer own several pants in different sizes depending on the intended use.

When choosing your size, you should consider that leather stretches. This means that the shape of the pants changes. You should choose the size in such a way that you not only like the pants at the beginning, but also after the entry phase of breaking in. That can last a lifetime. Leather stretches by approx. 5%. In absolute terms, this means that size 38 stretch further than size 28. Please note that the leather beginns stretching after 15 to 30 minutes.

A big advantage of the elasticity of the leather is that the pants can adapt exactly to your body. This may be why you have a tight thigh at the beginning but also a flat bottom. But over time, the leather on the bottom stretches into a beautiful shape.

But under no circumstances should you force yourself into tight pants. Leather is not infinitely elastic. Great care is therefore required, especially at the beginning.

The specified measurements are the dimensions of the pattern. But the finished pants are tighter due to the thick material. We therefore recommend ordering one size larger. When you compare the size of your denim jeans with our sizes, don't be surprised if you choose two sizes larger.