R&Co Premium Leather Jeans Hipster Style with Full Zip Normal Leg

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Our classic leather jeans as hipster style with low waist, full-zip and normal cut leg

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Our classic leather jeans as hipster style with low waist, full-zip and normal cut leg

Size / Waist

W 26 = 74,0 cm
W 27 = 76,4 cm
W 28 = 78,8 cm
W 29 = 81,2 cm 
W 30 = 83,8 cm
W 31 = 86,2 cm
W 32 = 88,6 cm
W 33 = 91,0 cm
W 34 = 93,4 cm
W 35 = 96,0 cm
W 36 = 98,4 cm
W 37 = 100,8 cm
W 38 = 103,2 cm
W 39 = 105,6 cm
W 40 = 108,2 cm

Leather jeans by R&Co are essential for every guy into leather. A quality product for every occasion - a hot and perfect outfit!

We try to hold available our regular leatherpants (no options) in every standard size to deliver within 1-2 working days plus shipping time.

All other pants with additional options (stripes, blind pockets, saddle, full zip and / or D-rings) will be specially made for each customer. These pants should be delivered within 3-6 weeks, plus shipping time. Custom made pants are generally excluded from return.


We use high quality cowskins for our jeans, chaps, jackets from European origin and production. European production standards help to avoid health risks coming from the use of harmful chemicals in low cost countries. Think about the fact, that you are wearing tanned and coloured leather on your naked skin, a material, that you ususally do not wash.

 We select skin mostly free from injuries and insect bites: they would result in low quality texture.

The thickness of our leather is about 1.1 to 1.2 mm, which is considered "cushion leather". Beside its thickness, the leather is quite soft. Though flexible, the leather is not easiliy worn-out. Slowly breaking in into your jeans will help to adjust them to your body.

The fine pored leather we use, results in a specific shimmer. In comparison, inferior leather looks artificial, mostly because of colour and varnish that has been used, to cover up all defects in the texture. This stops low-cost leather from breathing. The leather we use, can breath still. You can feel it, when taking a full grip into the material. Our leather is easier to clean and to groom, it stays longer sooft and smooth.


We only cut out the best parts of the skins, which results in high cutting scrap. This results in noticeable higher costs in production, for the sake of quality in texture. This also leads to a longer lifetime, than cheap production, where bad texture is covered up with colour. Please keep that in mind, when considering our prices.  


Leather pants by R&Co are cut in a classical jenas style, with no seam at height of knees. Our general style is low cut "hipster-style". Sizes are available from 26 to 38. We offer high cut from waist size 35 onwards to 38. We have two versions in each style: small and normal leg. Generally, we offer our jeans with button tab, but you may choose our jeans with a zipper, or even a backzip, too. If you buy your jeans in our store, we adjust the size to the size of your legs. If you by your jeans in our onlineshop, you get them full length, to avoid mistakes. You may come along in our store, to have them cut to size afterwards, except one week before and after Easter and at Folsom Europe.


We offer a six month guarantee on material faults and processing defects if proper wearing applies along with our instructions.


You may choose from a set of options for your custom made jeans: D-rings, stripes, saddle, blind pockets, coloured leather. Please keep in mind, all custom made goods are excluded from return.


Material: Leather
Category: Pants